As avid followers of her Twitter, as well as Victoria Beckham's fashionable escapades in general, there's no surprise that her recent snap happy online habits have appeared on our radar. We revealed all to you about VB's social media strategy when she launched her facebook page last week, but since then the upcoming fashion designer and mum of four has made a trip to Beijing to launch brand new custom designed Range Rover which we also told you about last week .

Victoria has kindly been tweeting regular insights into her and Harper Seven's travels around Beijing; from snaps of her mother and daughter co-ordinated outfits laid out on the bed each morning, her stepping into the role of air hostess whilst her flight to Bejing lands along with the caption, 'Cabin crew prepare for landing! Welcome to Beijing!! X vb' or making coffee for lucky customers in Starbucks, there's no denying the past few days have been somewhat enlightening for the usually stony faced Posh Spice. These are a far cry from the posing and perfectly prettified Victoria Beckham we'd normally expect to see.

Victoria says: "I'm looking to provide a sneak peek at the world of the Victoria Beckham brand with a global reach. You can expect to see exclusive photos, video and behind-the-scenes content".

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