When it comes to shopping for something specific, there's nothing more daunting than trying to find that perfect pair of printed jeans. You can spend weeks, even months, trying on various patterns and styles - a lucky few will stumble upon theirs straight away, whilst the rest of us search for a print that a. we love and b. doesn't make us look 3 sizes bigger. Working prints on the bottom half is notoriously hard, but once you find the right pair of jeans, they're much easier to style than you might think. For those of you who are a little intimidated by the all over prints that celebs like Jessie J and Rihanna have been rocking, opt for a delicate print like a small floral or a muted pattern, and team with a plain white t-shirt and flats. When choosing your print, try not to be swayed by come-and-go trends and pick something that matches existing pieces in your wardrobe.


The ever stylish Olivia Palermo is the perfect example for anyone prepared to be more adventurous with their prints. On paper this look shouldn't work...but Olivia totally nails it. The combination of tropical print trousers with leopard print heels, citrus yellow top, black fur trimmed jacket and tan leather bag is one of the most daring outfits we've ever laid eyes on! If you've got the confidence to carry off a pair of extreme printed jeans, pair them with a conversational shoe and a coloured top that ties into your jeans colour scheme - you might be pleasantly surprised.

We've put together some of the cutest printed jeans available at the moment, ranging from candy coloured stripes to tropical palms. Which ones will you be tempted to try?