Scarlett Johansson was all smiles as she was photographed on top of a hotel roof in Moscow yesterday before heading off to the Russian premiere of her forthcoming movie, Marvel's Avengers Assemble. We don't blame the girl for grinning like a cat that got the cream - wouldn't you if you were staring alongside Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Iron Man, Robert Downey Junior? - but we were a little disappointed with her androgynous outfit. I'm sure Russia was chilly Scarlet, but we've suffered worse on a night out in London during winter. It's not that I don't like the look (let's face it, she'd look good in a potato sack) but all of her outfits for the Avengers premieres have been too black, too safe, and to be honest, too boring for a woman as gorgeous as Scarlet; we're craving something wow worthy! She wore a conservative outfit made up of skinny black jeans, an oversized white shirt and navy blazer, adding a touch of femininity with a gold triangular necklace and some killer curved suede heels.


Her Walter Steiger 'muse' shoes (left) are a favourite amongst celebrities like Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, and were the best part of the outfit for me. I found these Miu Miu inspired heels (middle) from Jessica Buurman for $159 which make a pretty good substitute for the designer pair, but if you'd prefer your banana heels on something more solid, you can pick up these boots (right) from River Island for £65.