Kate Middleton McQueen wedding dress on display.JPG

With all the speculation surrounding Kate Middleton's wedding dress in the lead up to the big day, it seems Sarah Burton was giving nothing away - not even to Anna Wintour! Not only did all of the seamstresses at the house of Alexander McQueen sign non-disclosure agreements, Burton herself apparently masqueraded her plans by dubbing her autumn 2011 collection "The White Dress Project".

According to Hamish Bowles, Burton flat out lied to Wintour when questioned by the Vogue editor over whether she was designing The Dress.

"[She] looked Sarah in the eye - an experience that would jelly the marrow of bigger people - and asked, 'Are you designing Kate Middleton's dress?' and Sarah said, 'I am not designing the dress.' So Anna was telling everyone, 'Sarah told me she's not doing the dress, so she's not doing the dress.' Now Anna admits Sarah did an amazing job."

She LIED to Wintour? Burton is one ballsy lady!

[via Grazia UK]