Social sharing site Pinterest has introduced new customizable board covers. Users' boards are no longer a collage of recently pinned items but now can be edited to feature one image that best represents the board. We've already been playing with ours! Check out the Catwalk Queen Pinterest here! The Pinterests of our sister shopping site Osoyou and editors Gemma, Andrea and Kim are worth a click too!

While it started out pretty bare bones and continues to be very simple and intuitive, Pinterest has been taking some steps to jazz up its design as it has gained popularity.

"A couple weeks ago we launched our new design for Pinterest profiles and we got a lot of great suggestions from Pinners," the Pinterest blog said. "One of the most requested features was the ability to choose a pin to be the cover for each board. Today, you'll be able to do just that."

According to VentureBeat: "Pinterest, first launched in 2010, ballooned to 17.8 million uniques in February and could already be worth as much as $500 million in sale. It's particularly loved by arts, crafts, and food enthusiasts, with everyone from Reese Witherspoon to President Obama hooked on it."

I would add fashion enthusiasts to that list, wouldn't you? I think the fashion community has embraced Pinterest as a much simpler and less timing consuming sharing tool than Polyvore or even Tumblr.