I have to admit, I have a love hate relationship with prints. Some people (read: boyfriend/Mother) put it down to being too fussy, but when it comes to buying print there are hundreds pit falls to consider - is the print too vibrant against your skin tone? Do you look better in a dainty prim and proper floral, or a bold, graphic pattern? Is a large print flattering for a curvy figure? Which prints will stand the test of time and which will end up in the charity shops?

If like me you have trouble choosing between patterns, I recommend heading to the Oasis website - the brand has some particularly well designed pieces at the moment, and their cute "one day your prints will come" campaign is almost as beautiful as their new products! There's even an online fairytale book to work through which aims to help you in your quest to find "prints charming", featuring some of our favourite key trends for the summer, from vintage inspired floral dresses to all over printed seperates that look good enough to eat.

My heart skipped a beat over this beautiful 'Aliza' dress, with its super stylish print and cut out detailing at the back, it's the perfect blend of Erdem style florals and Givenchy inspired mirrored print. It also looks a lot more expensive than the £70 price tag, leaving you with more money to splash on accessories.