Yesterday, we took a trip to check out the new collection by London designer Olivia Rubin for high street favourite, Dorothy Perkins, which is set to launch in stores and online nationwide this Tuesday. Entitled 'A Postcard From', inspiration for the collection stems from holidays, travels and summer fun which happened to be the first things that sprang to mind.

A well thought out and Dorothy Perkins customer friendly collection, Olivia has integrated her trademark print focused style into the collection making a super-wearable, fun and fashion forward offering; think tropical-esque swallow prints and shells combined with soft pastels and shots of hot pink. Check out the gallery of her new collection above (look out for a cheeky one of us with Olivia), as well as our interview with her below when we managed to catch up with her at the press day...

Can you tell us a bit about the collection?
I think we're trying to do something for everyone within the range. For those people that aren't so into bright colours, I've incorporated the black and then people who don't want such bold graphic prints , the shell print is really subtle, so you can just have a hint of print. We've also incorporated it into the jersey producing some really easy to wear pieces and the price points are really great as well. The inclusion of the swimwear and the jewellery and the beach bags add an extra umph to the pieces so it's quite nice to layer the statement necklaces over the jersey. I quite like to keep the shapes quite classic with the print.

How does this collection differ from your mainline collection?
My mainline collection focuses more on really strong tones like yellows and silvers. The initial inspirations for both collections started off at the same point; both were inspired by globetrotting holidays but the Dorothy Perkins one took more of a pastel route, something more that tells a story whereas my mainline I'd say is concentrated more around iconic pieces and colours. There's definitely similarities between them both. For this we went through my archive and took the strongest pieces from when I started and we've developed those. We've taken styles that have worked really well for the label and adjusted them for the Dorothy Perkins customer.

Has keeping the Dorothy Perkins customer in mind played a big part in your designs?
I've definitely taken them into account. It's not like my own collection where I'm mainly designing for my own customer and me. When I started the range they told me lots of details about their customer; like what sort of age ranges they're from, the type of women it is. I think you have to take those things into consideration whilst still maintaining my signature style.

Did you enjoy doing a high street collaboration and do you think you'll do more?
It's my first one but I'd love to do another one for Autumn Winter and see where it goes. I think the fact that Dorothy Perkins is one of those high street companies that really focus on print, whereas a lot of other ones just produce one or two prints a season, so I think it does really well with my aesthetic.

You're quite renowned for your prints - how did that come about?
I've always been into prints and was really artistic at school. What I loved most was the drawing element, so I got really into the screen printing early on and I knew fashion was something that I wanted to do; combining the two made sense for me to do prints. Every time I design a collection I always start off with the print. That's the part that I love the most but I still like creating the right silhouette to carry the print.

Where do you source your inspiration from in your design work?
Normally I've just got something in mind; even when I was designing this collection I'm always thinking forward to the next. It could be anything from something I see on the street, to modern art and I like going to galleries and exhibitions a lot. Or even something I really fancy wearing myself.

Do you have any advice for budding designers?
I'd say get as much work experience as possible; everyone has to start at the bottom of the food chain somewhere like I did, doing as many internships as you can with designers whose style you can relate to. I studied at St Martins and have done internships from John Galliano and Dior in Paris to Alexander McQueen and All Saints. The more you can get on your CV - that's the best form of experience as you can learn everything there.

The Olivia Rubin collection for Dorothy Perkins will be available from Tuesday 24th April in stores nationwide. You can check it out here.