March may be over, but we have a few leftover product reviews that we'll be sharing with you this week, starting with this one from Steph...

Wonderbra_Full_Effect_Lace_Bra.jpgIf you're thinking about getting a boob job, please don't. Just get this bra. I've never worn a Wonderbra in my life, but as soon as putting the Full Effect Lace Bra on, I was a convert.

So how does this one work? Well it's got a combination of 'super lightweight gel and air within fan-shaped padding', that promises to boost you up two full cup sizes. Two! And does it? Hell yes. I wore it for a night out last week (this is really not a day bra, unless you particularly want every single person you see all day to stare directly at your chest. Actually, maybe it'll be useful for bad hair days), and anything close fitting that I tried to wear it with - even a button front dress - would not go over my very impressive new chest. It was amazing. It wasn't over the top either - I mean, you definitely noticed it, but in a 'wow, look how perky and round her boobs are' way and not in a trashy 'oh my god, it that Jordan?' way. But then I do only have a natural C, so I was probably on a DD.

So fit. I tried the 34C, and it fit me perfectly (just like the Princesse Tam Tam one I previously reviewed, therefore proving that the woman who measured me a 32D was wrong, very wrong). The straps didn't dig in, the band fit well all around my back, and despite that fact they were impressively hoisting up my boobs, it was overall just very comfortable. Although I couldn't see my feet, which was an experience, and not really the bras fault. The design is really nice too, it doesn't look like a push up bra (although I'm not sure I have an idea of what one looks like) in pale pink with a pretty lace trim around the top of the cups. It's £30, which normally I'd say was a lot for a bra - but this is not just a bra. It's a weapon.

I'd like to finish by saying that it's been very odd to write so much about my own cleavage.

Wonderbra Full Effect Lace Bra, £25.99 at Amazon

Fit: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Comfort: 10/10
Look: 9/10
Price: 8/10