Today is Ladies Day at Aintree racecourse as Liverpool hosts the John Smith's Grand National. Always the most colourful event on the racing calendar, it's an excuse for girls to glam up, pop on the biggest fascinator they can find and enjoy a day of bubbles and betting.

Unfortunately what also comes with a trip to Ladies Day is the paparazzi's annual race to snap the most overdressed Scouser so the tabloids can post photos for people to laugh at the next day. It's so easy to become part of the sneering masses, with papers picking the most unflattering shots possible to illustrate the point that, as far as they're concerned, class is going to hell in an (over-embellished) handbasket, somewhere near the Runcorn Bridge.

But is there really any harm in these girls slapping on the fake tan and dressing up for a day out? Would people rather Ladies Day was nothing but a parade of boring shift dresses, sensible heels and the same three M&S fascinators? Liverpool is a city where (if you believe reality TV shows) eyebrows are a work of art and it's ok to step out on a Saturday afternoon with your rollers in, in preparation for an evening out in your new frock from Cricket. Scouse women like to have fun with fashion and glam up, and there's nothing wrong with that.

The truth is, a lot of the girls at Ladies Day look lovely. You just don't really see the pics of pretty girls in nice dresses (above) because people are too busy posting the same ten or twelve 'faux pas' photos as everyone else.

Oh, and let's take a look at that dress on the girl to the left behind Coleen Rooney shall we...


Say, isn't that the £350 Mary Katrantzou for Topshop dress that sold out in minutes? That we were all raving about for months before its release?