You can see how one might not be able to find anything stylish to wear at Valentino. Oh Louise Roe, this outfit for the Valentino Rodeo Drive Flagship store opening and 50th Anniversary celebration in Beverly Hills is a misstep. I know your tall, slender frame can support many a maxi dress and voluminous silhouette, but this has fail written all over it.

Let's start at the top. This metallic silver, sort of cropped, sort of oversized sweater would probably work really well with jeans, maybe a blazer thrown on top? But I am almost never a fan of volume paired with volume. When worn with this skirt, it does a disservice to both pieces. It also leaves her kind of washed-out looking, which is a shame since she has such a beautiful skin tone!

The skirt looks to be some sort of taffeta and fades from a bright white, to a dirty-looking white, right down into blue. The dirty color and rumpled look is an unfortunately combination. Is it supposed to be worn like this? Should it have been steamed ahead of the red carpet? When you can't tell if a rumpled look is intentional, it's usually a bad idea.

Then, there's those white shoes. We can't see the whole of them, but almost any white closed-toe shoe is sort of questionable. I'm sure there are fabulous exceptions. But these don't look like one of them.