Whitney Port has launched her first jewelry collection, called Bits & Bobs by Whitney Eve. She's given fans a look at the Fall 2012 collection on her Web site and you can see some of the pieces here. Port really managed to combine the edginess of geometric pieces with a romantic whimsy - all the gold and layering, a sort of regal aesthetic.

"I have absolutely loved designing this first season of jewelry and cannot wait for many more! It has been such an intriguing learning experience to work with metals," Port said. "I had a blast going through the bins and bins of chains, beads, brooches and vintage jewelry in order to achieve what we have made. I absolutely love making jewelry because it is that one touch of sparkle, that one statement piece that can make an outfit shine."


These definitely are good statement pieces, and should be very recognizable which is good for Port. There's lots of baroque shapes, trompe l'oeil and charms and overall it really does remind me of something I might find at my favorite vintage jewelry store.

The lookbook is a bit weird, with all the images being very hazy, overlapping and making it difficult to either get a good look at a piece or to understand how it is to be worn. What do you think?