Eliza Doolittle partied at the pop up restaurant The Lion at the Brompton Club in South Kensington, London, looking pretty much like a messy university student. She showed up to the club pairing her cut-out, thigh slit dress with a light wash denim jacket and black fringe purse. Okay. But by the end of the night she'd slung the jacket through the strap of the cross-body bag and just looked a mess. Some less flattering photos were featured in the Daily Mail today.

This seems to be less of a case of bad dressing as poor poise and presentation. The dress itself, with vertical slashes all around the rib cage and at the center of the chest, and several thigh-high slits, doesn't look bad on Doolittle when she's standing up straight and posing. But seated or in pretty much any other context it looks sloppy. The denim jacket is completely incongruous and I think she would have been better off leaving it on the back of her chair at the club forever than to sling it through the strap of her bag. I know this wasn't a red carpet event, she was just a girl taking a cab home. But when you're the focus of so much media attention, you're never just a girl taking a cab home. If I hadn't already chosen a Frock Horror this week, Eliza would have been it.

I think Doolittle just needs a lesson in watching how a dress falls when she's not posing in front of the mirror, perhaps some simpler accessories... or maybe just a stylist. She's a very pretty girl and looks best when she keeps her look more pared down.