Some of you may disown me for saying this, but Dakota Fanning should be applauded for her style choices. Yes she has accessorised this stunning Pre-Fall 2012 Lanvin dress hideously, but at 18 years old the young actress is still finding her feet in the fashion world, and shouldn't we congratulate her on at least trying to carve out her own style rather than letting a stylist do it all? No? Ok then...

This picture of Dakota, taken on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival's Vanity Fair Party in New York, is a perfect example of how the Twilight star comes so close to looking great, but seems to stumble at the last hurdle; accessories. The Lanvin dress is a gorgeous choice, and whilst I wish she'd kept the belt on (what is with everyone taking off their belts this week?) the cut suits her petite frame and the vibrant fuchsia colour keeps her looking fresh and playful. The Christian Louboutin heels aren't awful, but they are a little too grown up in contrast to the flirty dress - had she teamed it with a pair of black Mary Janes, I might have been able to forgive the orange box clutch. Unfortunately, there is nothing Dakota could do to make me forgive that headband, which looks like it was thrown on as an after thought because she couldn't be bothered to do anything with her hair.

Despite the tragic accessorising, Dakota shows promise beyond her years with her choice of designers, and I'm hopeful that with a few more trips down the red carpet she'll be on her way to becoming Hollywood's next fashion icon.