When we saw McQ's beautiful corseted prom dress with flower-strewn tulle on the catwalk at London Fashion Week in February, we knew it was only a matter of time before it made it to the red carpet. Our money was initially on Rose McGowan, who retweeted a pic of the frock the night of the show. But as it turned out, it was at a British event that the dress got its first outing.

The dress originally showed in two colours (black and white) with sheer sleeves and a 3D applique top, with a leather belt and opera length gloves. We loved it so much we got the fabulous Claire to illustrate the frock for us once the shows were over...


Of course, the dress has been predictably modified for its first celeb run. It hit the red carpet at last night's Olivier Awards, worn by British actress and Olivier winner Ruth Wilson (star of Luther and Jane Eyre). But without the sheer panelling and tough accessories, it definitely loses some of the drama. McQueen accessories ramp it up a bit (love that clutch!) and the ballet-length skirt is still a winner. But without that top section, is this just another pretty prom dress?


What do you think? Do you prefer the catwalk drama of the original dress, or the pared-down glam of Ruth's modified version?

[Catwalk image: Catwalk Queen. Illustration: Posh Fruit. Ruth Wilson image: Getty]