CR mock up.jpg

Carine Roitfeld has announced the name of her new mag, and the title will look familiar to readers of her former magazine - French Vogue. Roitfelt is taking the image of her initials as signed under her editors letters and using it as the title of the new biannual tome.

Already it's clear she's bringing some of the things she was known for at Vogue to her new venture - out-of-the-box editorials and nudity.

"The name's not a big surprise, but oh well," Carine told WWD, who she gave the exclusive on the new deets.

The first issue is due out in September and is expected to be almost 300 pages long with a $9.95 cover price.

With all the hullaballoo over French Vogue being published in English, it's interesting to note that CR will also be published in English (their offices are based in New York's East Village. But certain features will be printed in the language of their author with translations in the back. This is very new and different - goes along with Roitfeld's mantra to "think different" - and could be a really cool concept.