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Since taking a hiatus from E4's Made in Chelsea, Caggie Dunlop has been busy working on a new online fashion brand. We told you back in October about the reality TV starlet's plans to launch her own clothing line, ISWAI (It Started With An Idea). Now here is your first look at the line which has kicked off with a line of T-shirts.

Featuring five themes that are close to her heart - New York, rebellion, Da Vinci, the universe and religion - Cags created her tees by opening up the floor to allow anyone and everyone to submit their design ideas. She hopes it will become a place for "young designers/artists to share and develop their talent."

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"ISWAI is a fashion brand I created because I was frustrated by the pretences of the fashion world. I wanted to create a community that was open to everyone. All you need to be involved in ISWAI is a creative and positive mind," Caggie writes on her website.

"I just had an idea - rather than attaching my name to a label and have no creative input I thought I'd give my name to those who can't get a break, and platform some of the amazing talent that otherwise might go unnoticed."

Dunlop has further plans to create a jewellery collection with up-and-coming designer Zara Taylor. Sounds like a winner to me!

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