Vintage fans must be chomping at the bit, I know a few of the CQ ladies are going to be excited about this. Bravo has picked up a reality show centered on the epicly famous vintage boutique Decades. Co-owners Christos Garkinos and Cameron Silver, shown, will star in the show. Everyone is of course hoping one of their best customers, Rachel Zoe, will also make an appearance. Speaking of whom, she's something of an inspiration to the retail pair. They're hoping this venture will turn them into a bigger brand like reality television did for Zoe. They have already participating in a few collaborations, including jewelry with Miriam Haskell and shoes with Modern Vintage for

"Our hope is that we continue with those types of collaborations because the idea of Cameron and I saying 'supercute' or 'chic' for the next 30 years is tiring. We very much want to be in a larger position than just having a store," Garkinos told WWD. "The show will focus on shining the light on the rarefied and very specific part of fashion that we live in. We are curators and fashion arbiters."

Rumor has it the show will simply be called Decades and begin airing at the end of this year.

[Source: WWD]