Anthropologie has generally of stepped back and let Urban Outfitters be the star of Urban Outfitters, Inc. in the designer collaboration department. But now that they're coming into the spotlight they're doing it in a big way - with 11 collaborations and a new Web site just for the projects. Made in Kind will go live on April 5. Check out the teaser video, above. Looks like lots of dresses and fun prints for summer.


What can you expect? Designers like Karen Walker, Gregory Parkinson, John Patrick, Samantha Pleet and newcomers like Charlotte Linton, Pipit, Rachel Rose and Place Nationale (which will be breaking into the U.S. market for the first time). The price range is traditional Anthropologie - $120-$300.

The best part is that there will be new designers unveiled every month. Refinery 29 is already hinting that May will bring Byron Lars and Charlotte Taylor. This is a great strategy to maintain interest in the site and reach new customers every month. Few of the big name designer collaboration shops - Target, H&M, etc - offer something new every month.