I don't know how this happened but I joined a judging panel a few weeks back alongside Grazia fashion editor, Catherine Neito and ASOS creative director, Caren Downie to pick one of the many, many super-talented Central St Martin's jewellery students to have their design produced by MADE (who I am working with on my own collection). This week I headed back to St Martin's to check out the final pieces... You can watch it/judge it for yourselves here:


Other things that I did/saw...

Event of the week:
The launch of the British Designers Collective at Bicester Village. So many
clothes, so many discounts...

Favourite outfit:
Style Stalker dress, Maje leather jacket, Chanel bag, Emilio Cavallini
tights, Aldo boots for the Emilio Cavallini 'Risque Business' party at


Top Beauty Find:
Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint Pens. Buh-bye lipstick on teeth.

Top Fashion Find:
Cute festival gear from Bill+Mar And yes, I'm
thinking about this already.

Everyone's talking about:
'Metamorpohis' - The incredible holographic photographs by Derrick Santini
which are on exhibition at Scream Gallery. Will probably change the way you
look at swans...


Tweet of the week:
Courtesy of Azim Majid (@AzimMajid): "Huey, Duey, Poohey and Moody"
... We go by Jameela, Laura, David and Zara by day... Thanks?