gemmacartwright_columnshot.jpgGemma Cartwright writes...

March marks the beginning of what I hope is the first of many themed months for Catwalk Queen. Don't worry, we'll still be bringing you our usual mix of fashion news, celebrity style, runway reviews and much more besides, but on top of that we'll be focussing on one specific topic, bringing you everything you ever needed to know about lingerie.


The reason I chose lingerie as the first topic is because there's just so much to say about it. Your underwear is the foundation of your look, the building blocks for a brilliant outfit. It's not just about nice bras and pretty knickers. Your underwear serves a very important purpose, particularly your bra. it's about support, shape and comfort.

For a good ten years I was among the 80% of British women wearing the wrong size bra; a result of bad fitting and continuously being given the wrong information about how a bra should fit. Having finally been fit by a professional who relied on sight, feel (mine, not hers!) and common sense rather than a tape measure and a calculator, I've become a woman on a mission - I want to get more women fitted correctly, wearing a properly supportive bra. It makes such a difference to how you look and how your clothes fit. During lingerie month, I'll be testing out the fitting services in different stores, giving tips on how to fit at home, and even training to be a professional bra fitter in my quest to get you all correctly fitted.


Once you know you're wearing the right size, you need to find the perfect sets for you, and there's so much choice out there. I have discovered so many brilliant brands who produce good quality underwear that you may or many not be aware of, and I'll be featuring them all this month. From high street favourites to supermarket surprises, gorgeous independent labels and, of course, high-end glamour, there is so much on the market beyond the obvious, with beautiful undies available for all shapes and sizes.


Our team of reviewers - spanning all shapes and sizes - will be testing out bras, knickers, shapewear, cellulite pants and all kinds of other brilliant stuff to try and find the very best of the biz. Need a new strapless? Desperate for a t-shirt bra in a bigger size? Looking for smaller cup bras that don't look like they're designed for teenagers - help is at hand all month long!

Stay tuned for more, and bookmark our lingerie page to keep up to date with all lingerie week content!

[Top image: Marks & Spencer. Middle image: Ambro / Bottom image: Simply Yours]