Beth and Ella continued the 'week I let my daughter dress me' challenge over the weekend, with Beth putting her wardrobe in the hands of her 17 year old daughter yet again. And with mother / daughter clothes swapping hitting headlines today as Kate Middleton was spotted in the same Reiss dress her mum Carole wore a few years ago, this feature couldn't be more timely!

We love that the poses are getting better by the day in this challenge. Beth's a natural! Here is Saturday's look:


Of this look, Beth says "Ella thought I was looking dull, so chose this bright shirt from Next. Considering it was raining I wasn't sure about the shoes, but it's only natural, I guess, that I have a daughter that believes in impractical footwear!"

We told you she loved a killer heel! Moving on, the bottom of the outfit sparked a shopping trip.

"Ella wasn't happy with my jeans, she thinks they're too dark, so we went to Westfield in the afternoon where she made me buy a light colour denim and pastel pair of jeans..."

We'll be seeing those in a later outfit so stay tuned for that!