After the success of my 'the week I let my boyfriend dress me' challenge back in January, we started discussing other ways we could humiliate various members of the team by getting their loved ones to choose their outfits.

Luckily for us, Mother's Day gave us the perfect opportunity for our next wardrobe challenge - The Week I Let My Daughter Dress Me.

Bravely taking on the challenge this time is Beth, who will be dressed for the week by her 17-year-old daughter Ella.

Unlike the boyfriend challenge, when he only had access to clothes I already owned, Ella is lucky enough to be able to choose from her own wardrobe as well as Beth's so we have double the options.

So is this what's classed as a 'hand me up'?!


We all thought Beth looked great in this outfit - Ella's Wallis assymetric top with H&M leggings and Beth's boots - but Beth wasn't so sure. "I never wear leggings with just a top!" she confessed, as she tugged it down at the back. She did love Ella's simplistic approach though; she thought adding too much jewellery would be overkill with the jewelled cuffs, so kept it very simple with only a tiny necklace.

We thought Beth's fears were unfounded and she totally pulled this look off. What do you reckon?