prabal gurung resort 2012 floral dress.jpgThey are certainly not the first fashion chain to be accused of copying a designer, nor will they be the last, but Primark have certainly raised questions over the similarity of their latest designs with those of Prabal Gurung.

These questions were posed by The Fashion Law who posted a photo taken from a window display at one of Primark's London stores via Instagram. The blogger made special note of the bright yellow and black floral dress which bears an uncanny resemblance to a design from Gurung's Resort 2012 collection, pictured right. This frock was also once worn by Sarah Jessica Parker at the premiere of I Don't Know How She Does It in September.

According to the Daily Mail, Primark "seems to have paid extensive tribute to the much-loved label's resort 2012 collection."

"While the Primark garments are not copies - there are enough significant differences to prevent such a claim - there are some distinctive hallmarks shared by the two lines," the newspaper reports.

Gurung was made aware of the likeness via Twitter after the image was posted on Instagram. The Tweeter asks, ""Wow is that primark ripping off @prabalgurung?" To which Gurung replies, "Oh boy looks like it TY 4 lettin us know."

There is no word at this stage as to whether the designer intends to pursue the matter further. Unfortunately retailers that use excessive inspiration from the work of designers is nothing new in this age of fast fashion. What are your thoughts?

[Image via Prabal Gurung]