new girl fashion zooey deschanel.jpg

... Don't we know it sister!

New Girl's costume designer, Debra McGuire, has spoken more about what it is like to dress one of Catwalk Queen's favourite gals, Zooey Deschanel. "Everything is so darn cute on her," McGuire tells PEOPLE. "The hair, the face, the eyes... every time she puts something on it just sparkles."

In creating the wardrobe for Jess, Deschanel's character, McGuire says the initial idea was to "do something that we hadn't seen on TV before. thought the best thing for Jess was to do primary colours - there's something about those that I thought really worked for the character. So she's sort of a mix of Crayola crayons."

Ha, I love that description! By mixing primary colours with her other outfits the overall look for Jess is someone who isn't too adventurous but isn't your typical run-of-the-mill school teacher either.

"[Zooey and I are] pretty much on the same wavelength. I haven't had a situation where she didn't want to wear something, or didn't like something. I don't put her in anything that's not a favourite," she reveals. "Recently I fitted her in a bathing suit, for a future episode. And it just doesn't get better."

It is true. I am super jealous this lady gets to hang with the Zoe-star and more importantly, dress her. Totally.awesome.job!

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