mary Katrantzou.jpgIn news that will no doubt delight Gemma, Mary Katrantzou has let it slip that she considering expanding her line to including plus sizes. In an interview with the Evening Standard it was revealed that the designer was in talks with Net-a-Porter after they asked her "to go bigger."

Katrantzou has been making fashion headlines everywhere lately due to her third collaboration with Topshop, now it seems she is looking to go beyond size 14 for the sake of the online boutique.

"I was looking at a size 14 woman wearing our dress and I thought, 'I can't believe we don't go bigger than that size!' because she looked tiny," she told the newspaper. Furthermore, it seems the designer herself is familiar with buying a size larger for herself: "I buy online - I think as a bigger size, you feel more comfortable trying things at home".

Renowned for creating exquisite prints worn by celebrities including Keira Knightley, Alexa Chung and Dianna Agron, the London-based designer admits that by creating bigger sizes she can allow for greater detail. "With the interior [collection], we just added more information. So, on a size 8, you get the sofa, the mantelpiece and the flower, whereas on a size 14 you get the sofa, the mantelpiece, the bush and the room next door."

However she also says that a size 16 or up would need to justify the increase in fabric costs, etc. "Yes, and I don't know about bigger - no one has asked about a size 18. You get into different trouble: you might have designed it differently because then the body shape is different. You wouldn't want the typewriter to be there [she gestures to her chest area] on a size 20 - we would need a lot more thought about the prints."

Exciting times!