markfastknit.jpgAs we continue to bring you more goodies throughout Lingerie Month, I thought many of you would be interested to hear this latest tidbit from the Mark Fast camp.

The designer has teamed up with Jonathan Aston to collaborate on a range of hosiery. Comprising of seam-free bodywear and hosiery, the collection offers three lines - Double Vision, Scramble Knit and Honeycomb. The long-term partnership will see Fast target the brand's existing stockists including John Lewis, House of Fraser and Topshop.

"It's all about quality and styling," Fast revealed. "You can wear them as underwear or outerwear, and they are really well made, high-quality pieces. They will incorporate pink and orange hues, which are ideal for layering."

This isn't the first time the Canadian-born knitwear designer has collaborated with other brands. He has previously worked with Topshop, Christian Louboutin and Pinko.

"For me the starting point was technology," he said. "I'd seen some of the lace techniques that Jonathan Aston had been using and thought about what I could bring to the table in terms of design."

Fast's range will be priced from £35 to £45 for bodywear, and £15 for hosiery. Expect to see the collection in stores from August.

[via Drapers]