Freya's 'Deco' bra is something of a holy grail for many women. It's always a bestseller, and is now part of a whole family of moulded bras from the brand. They've even increased the size range from the usual D+ to include B and C cups as well.

Finding a good seamless cup / t-shirt bra when you're a DD+ is virtually impossible - we don't really need the extra padding, but for a seamless shape you do need a little foam! There are others on the market, but they're often very 'round'. Finding a bra that doesn't make it look like you're stuffing balloons under your top is a rare thing! But the Freya Deco in one such bra, and I was suitably impressed by the support, shape and cleavage when I tried this out. So much so that I now own two (red/pomegranate and nude).

I generally struggle with plunge bras, which is why I avoided this one for so long despite the fact I'd read so many positive reviews. I often find that the centre gore rubs on a plunge, and I much prefer the higher fit of a balconette. That said, there are plenty of outfits that call for a lower-cut bra, and the Deco has a double-whammy there. Not only is the central gore low, the cups are cut back from the centre a bit, allowing for killer cleavage.

Having read reviews, I knew the band came up relatively large, and since I wear something between a 32 and a 34, I went for the former in an E cup. The fit is excellent. It was a little tight around the band on the first wear, but soon loosened up, and since the first wash, it's been absolutely perfect around the band. The cups are also great, though the vast amount of cleavage / low-cut centre took a bit of getting used to!

Style wise, because it's seamless obviously it's quite plain, so to look at it's not a super-sexy, detailed bra. But the look to others is worth that sacrifice. This is a bit like a wonderbra for the D+. Though there's no real padding, the uplift and cleavage you get gives that 'hello boys' look without pushing 'the girls' up around your neck.

I only have two bugbears. The first is that the synthetic fabric doesn't cope with sweat very well so it needs constant washing. The second is that, like many DD+ bras, you pay a premium for the support and comfort. At Leia the bra retails for £30, and I do feel it's worth it, it's just very expensive for something that's quite plain! If you have bigger boobs the best thing you can ever treat yourself to is a good bra, just wish they were a little bit cheaper.

However, you can get a good deal online - I found it in Pomegranate for a £11.95 at BraStop.

Fit: 9/10
Support: 10/10
Comfort: 10/10
Look: 7/10
Price: 7/10