The last Freya Deco bra I reviewed was the moulded plunge, which is basically my go-to bra for anything that needs smooth lines or has a low cut front. I love this bra, so was excited when Freya offered me the chance to try more from the range.

First up is the first 'sister' bra, the moulded half-cup bra. This takes the deco to the next level, with a lower cut cup and a bit of extra padding at the bottom of the cup for uplift. It's rare for brands specialising in D+ to do a really padded cup, but Freya actually make this down to a B cup in some band sizes (32 - 38) as well as going up to an F (28 - 38). They recognise that while larger busts perhaps don't need loads and loads of padding for that wonderbra look, all busts benefit from some subtle shaping. The padding is built into the foam inner of the cup and is quite subtle - there's about 1.5cm of extra padding just in the middle of the cups which helps to give a really round, curvy shape and boost everything up for an amazing cleavage (believe it or not, despite being a E cup I don't always have good cleavage - my boobs are wide-set)!

Overall, I actually don't like the fit of this quite as much as the plunge deco, as I feel like there's slightly less coverage on the side of the bust as well as at the top. The cup overall feels smaller and more revealing, though not like I was wearing the wrong size. The clue is in the name - the half cup means you get less coverage overall, but still with the support you'd expect from a Deco. But despite a nice tight, supportive band, for me, it feels a bit perilous having less cup, like I could spill out any second (though I've worn the bra half a dozen times and this has never actually happened).

Looks-wise, because it's cut smaller it looks better than the plunge design, though a nude t-shirt bra is never going to be 'sexy'. The Deco range isn't about detail and prettiness, it's about making bigger boobs look brilliant and it definitely does that, keeping everything in place without rubbing, digging or causing any discomfort. As with all Deco styles, the comfort level is second to none and this bra gets high marks for that, I just prefer the support and fit of the plunge style.

Fit: 8/10
Support: 8/10
Comfort: 10/10
Look: 8/10
Price: 7/10

The Freya natural deco moulded bra is £30 at Debenhams