Curvy Kate's showgirl collection offers up slightly padded shapes and balconette styles for killer support and uplift in bigger cup sizes. There's none of the old-fashioned 'over the shoulder boulder holder' frumpiness of the DD+ market to be found here - these are sexy, supportive styles inspired by the burlesque.

The Thrill Me bra is the slinker of the two in the range, coming in various bright coloured satins (the other is the lacy 'Tease Me'). The bra I tried was the Peach and Plum colourway, which is quite a coral shade in real life - tres 2012, darling!

Having tried the Tease Me before, I knew to go down a cup size in this to get a smoother fit across the top of the cup, so tried this in a 34DD. The general consensus seems to be that if you're full at the top of the bust, you'll need to size up, but if like me you're fuller at the sides / bottom, sizing down will help avoid any gaping at the top. Because of the padded shape and frilled trim along the top of the cup, you're never going to get a super-smooth line (this is not a bra to wear under very fitted clothing) but I did find by going for the DD instead of the E I wear in most Curvy Kate styles, I got a better fit overall.


The balconette style with deep central gore is a style I find comfortable, though there was a little bit of rubbing with the first wear in between the cups. This is fairly standard for me though - a bra takes wearing in just like good pair of jeans or shoes! The band fit well, it felt firm but not too tight.

What I like about the style is that it's not satin all over, which I find can make the band or straps unnecessarily tight or uncomfortable as there's no stretch. Only the cups have the satin, the back is mesh and the straps are stretchy to allow for a bit of give, which is needed if you're using the modern sizing method to ensure a very firm fit.

On the downside, it's quite a 'puffy' bra - with the combo of padding and frills, it adds a bit of bulk and you lose your natural shape a bit. This is no bad thing if you need that lift (not just small busted women enjoy a bit of padding for shape) but it's definitely a show bra rather than a day-to-day bra.

Fit: 7/10 (may need to try on a few sizes to suit your bust)
Support: 10/10 (gives great shape and support)
Comfort: 8/10 (dug in a tiny bit)
Look: 9/10 (great style available in lots of colours)
Price: 8/10 (cheaper than a lot of D+ styles)

The Curvy Kate Thrill Me bra in Peach/Plum is available for £27.10 at Amazon