If you're looking for a chic, pretty, and practical bra I think I may have found it. Today I'm wearing Panache's Andorra Full Cup Bra which comes in D to J cup and a variety of luscious shades - I'm wearing Pearl - an off white creamy tone - but there are many other options spanning deep purples to bright berrys. At £29 I think it's a really good buy as an everyday go-to bra you can feel confident, secure and a little bit sexy wearing.

I'm normally used to wearing something with a bit more structure to it, so on first inspection I feared there wouldn't be enough support as there wasn't the usual pre-formed shaping that I'd normally look for. If I'd seen this bra on the shelf I would never have considered it - it looks flimsy on the offset but once it's on it takes a really nice shape. The cup is made up of a cleverly designed lace formation which has a multi layered effect. This offered much more support than I'd expected from such fine and delicate lace; the cups contained everything securely and there was no overspill whatsoever. At a 32E, the band was a perfect fit; not too tight that it dug in but firm enough to be really secure. The under wiring stayed flat to the chest too, so overall I'd say it was a near perfect fit. My only complaint was that the lace on the cup was somewhat itchy; it may be that it's just not what I'm used to and after a few wears and washes it will be just fine.

In terms of looks I really liked it. It has a pretty girly feel to it and the lace cups were a little sheer which added a sexy appeal. The main band of the bra has a scalloped edge trim which made it more substantial and come down a little further than your average bra a little like a bra-let. The straps were slim and had cute lace detail where they joined the cups.

Overall I think this may be my best fit yet of all the bras I've trialled during Catwalk Queen's lingerie month - it has a firm place in my everyday underwear draw.

You can buy the Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra from Figleaves for £29.

Fit: 10/10
Support: 9/10
Comfort: 9/10
Look: 9/10
Price: 9/10