Being one of the lesser breasted females of the species, I was quite excited when Catwalk Queen asked me to road test the new Ultimo 'The One' bra! This newly-launched design had a long waiting list, and over 1 million of them have been sold since the launch earlier this month. The aim of the design (which too 2 years) is to give uplift and shape whilst avoiding four-boob. Sounds good to me!

On first impressions I thought it looked tiny, and a lot less bulky than many of its well known competitors. So my first concerns were A) would it a fit me? and B) would it do 'the job' ie. give me some much needed boost?

On closer inspection, I discovered it had a much better engineered padded section which actually curves around your shape, rather than many competitors which tend to have padding that just sits on top or slips into the cup, often resulting in unsightly double boob with a tell-tale gap!

I was quite impressed for many reasons - it was über comfortable to wear, with no rubbing or digging in, and it actually gave me cleavage - a rare thing! Was this the reason I got given 2 phone numbers in my local last night? Also a very rare thing!

Best of all it was seamless, so no silly lumps and bumps under your top - a definite bonus! My only question was, does it come in other colours? A bit of saucy lace for the weekend wouldn't go a miss!

Fit: 8/10
Support: 9/10
Comfort: 9/10
Look: 8/10
Price: 7/10

- Hannah Freeman