My second review for Catwalk Queen's lingerie month brings our attention to one of the notorious Panache Superbras - Tango in the Balconette shape. Having done a little pre-trial research, I discovered that on the lingerie scene, this particular bra is better known for its substance than style. Nevertheless I went on with blind optimism in full force on all counts.

To recap from last time, I am, let's say, well blessed (or not as I like to think) in the chest department being a 32E and a novice to the world of bras specifically tailored for the more ample sized. So to me, many of these bras, which were specifically designed with a chest of my size in mind, feel a world away from my usual M&S make shift options; a revelation if you like. I'll try and not let that sway my review, keeping a suitably critical mind set as a good reviewer should.

First of all - I don't actually think the look of the bra is anything to complain about. Okay, so it doesn't break any boundaries or scream of chic bedroom attire but it has a stylish balconette shape and the sheer fabric has a sexy appeal. The straps are sleek and thin and don't hint at the dreaded scaffolding look which can sometimes be the case with the more practical bra. I think it actually looks better in real life than in any product shot I've seen online.

Now the fit. The band on this bra is nice and stretchy so doesn't dig in, but still offers a huge amount of support - once it's on this bra is on it isn't going anywhere. The under-wiring is just the right size offering a huge amount of security keeping everything in place. Where I do have a few (minor) qualms with this bra is the cups themselves. According to readings, "The three section cups add increased support and shape", but I'm unfortunately experiencing a hint of Madonna-esque pyramid shape - only a bit. There appears to be some spare fabric at the front of the cup which is gathering to create an unsmooth shape. In addition to this, I am finding the fabric a little itchy - this may be down to the newness and after a wash it should be fine.

Overall, this style is definitely one I'd recommend for the more ample chested as it's the most support I've felt from a bra in a long time and despite it's downfalls (nothing's perfect right) it will definitely become a regular go to bra for me.

You can get the Panache Superbra Tango Balconette bra for £23.99 from here.

Fit: 9/10
Support: 10/10
Comfort: 8/10
Look: 7/10
Price: 8/10