Princesse Tam Tam is a French lingerie brand which started out making silk boxer shorts for women, and now makes everything from lingerie to swimwear to nightwear. In fact I have a pair of Princesse Tam Tam pyjama bottoms bought from the sale in ASOS which are my absolute favourites!

But anyway, the underwear. The Parisian vibe is obvious in everything from the luxurious fabrics (featuring a lot of lace) to the little details like the pleated frills and the understated but very pretty colour palette.

I tried the beautiful blue Princesse Tam Tam Madem Push Up Bra which is, truthfully, probably the best fitting bra I've ever worn. Although as a 34C I luckily never have trouble finding bras that fit (although the only time I've ever been measured I was told I should be a 32D, which seemed right in the brand I tried during the fitting - Triumph - but not right in my go-to brand - Topshop - where the band on the 32D was way too small). But as Gemma told us before, it depends on the material and sizes differ from store to store.

Anyway, this bra - which I tried in a 34C - fit perfectly, lying against my body in the middle, and keeping everything supported. Although it's a push up bra, the cups are only slightly padded, with removable foam inserts, and give a good, but not in-your-face lift. It's really comfortable too: the straps are lined in a felty material and are just the right amount of stretchy, plus they haven't fallen down once. There was no digging in or rubbing, except for the clasp at the back of the band where the stitching was a bit sharp and irritated me, but after I filed it down with a nail file (so resourceful) it was fine. In fact after I conquered the itchy bit, I couldn't feel it at all - which I think is the sign of a job well done?

The only downside is that this brand is quite expensive - as pretty as they are, I can't justify spending £43 plus on one - as much as I'd want to!

Princesse Tam Tam Madem Push Up Bra, £43 at Amazon

Fit: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Comfort: 9/10 (loses a point for the scratching)
Look: 10/10
Price: 6/10