Like many women I'd been struggling on in the wrong sized bra for years when I tried on the newest addition to my lingerie draw: a Gossard Temptress Superboost Bra in cherry red. Newly measured I was keen to try out a bra that actually fitted, so *ahem* - I took the plunge...

First impressions were of firm lift and hold, with instant cleavage that I certainly wasn't used to seeing! But when I pulled on a close-fitting top I immediately loved the effect, which was a very feminine curve and noticeable enhancement. I'm a 30D, so not exactly tiny in the boob department, but years of wearing a band size too large and a cup size too small had made me quite unaccustomed to seeing them "up there". The plunge, in the correct size, was therefore quite a revelation.

The firm support I'd initially noticed held my assets tightly in place all day I was wearing the bra, which meant I could run and move quickly with no embarrassing or uncomfortable 'bounce'; this bra offers great support if you ensure you have the right size. This firmness also creates a very mild gravity-defying 'boob job' effect - aided separately by the padding - which will certainly appeal to some. It gave good shape to even my looser tops, which I was used to hanging rather limp and lifeless.

This bra is a good bit of bodyshaping magic for those who really want to show off their curves. It looks great under high-necked tops enhancing your natural contours, and creates a sexier look with maximum cleavage if you dare to wear it with anything more low-cut. I was surprised at how comfortable it was to wear throughout the day, but it's a well made bra with straps that are wide enough to offer good support without looking mumsy. The only thing I'd probably change about mine is the colour, but I'm sure my boyfriend will be perfectly OK with the red!

Fit: 8/10
Support: 9/10
Comfort: 8/10
Look: 8/10
Price: 8/10

The Gossard Temptress Superboost is available for £19.50 at Amazon