Sarah Jessica Parker's presence at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris this week had people talking for more than one reason. The Sex and the City star revealed that she is currently plotting a return to fashion after leaving Halston last year.

"I don't think my brief tenure [at Halston] would be called an exploration," Parker said before the show. "I learned an enormous amount, it was invaluable, and I'm definitely curious about pursuing it, and we'll see. I'm sort of figuring that out right now, actually, as we speak."

SJP stepped down from her role as president and chief creative officer at Halston mid last year during a "complicated" period for the fashion business. In September, she gave an interview with Vogue UK to explain the reasons behind her decision to leave.

"Really the business was being taken in a direction I wasn't interested in pursuing," she said. "That's why Harvey [Weinstein] and I decided to leave the company. I don't regret my time there. I feel honoured to have worked there - even if only for a brief time. Halston was an amazing experience, and I'm really proud of what I got to do there and of the people I got to work with."

I wonder what it could be... Her own Carrie-inspired fashion collection perhaps.