I made these! Can you believe it? I cannot. They were inspired by these Silver, Gold, Metallic "Cracked Twice" Mirror shoes from Etsy seller Shoes for Queens. My super crafty friend Courtney found them, and sent them to me as a joke, and I said "what joke? I want to make them."

And we did! We found this video on YouTube which was very helpful. We set out for Michael's (a craft store in the U.S.) and bought 5 mirrors similar to those in the video but larger for about $5 apiece. We only ended up using 2, but I may end up breaking up the third for replacement pieces. We used this E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive, $6, some sandpaper I had on hand, and a strip of cardboard I cut off a box. Those were pretty much the only supplies we needed! I used a pair of tweezers I wouldn't mind losing, but the glue came right off of them at the end and they're fine. Total cost: $21 - amazing!

First we peeled the stickers off the back of the mirrors and put them in a plastic bag, covered them with a towel and smashed them with a hammer on a work surface in my garage. If you don't have a work surface you'll probably want to do this on the ground outside. I had to hit them a bunch of times to get the mirror pieces as small as I needed them. We put the pieces in a plastic tray and brought them back inside.


We started with a pair of basic black Marc Fisher pumps that had lasted me a good long time, but the heel was starting to look shoddy and they had some scratches. I used the sandpaper to roughen the surface. Courtney said I basically wanted to remove any shine so the glue would adhere better. Then I took the strip of cardboard and spread some glue on the shoe, about a 1-2" space, and started placing mirrors. I used the tweezers for a while but eventually just started using my fingers. It was pretty easy. It took me about 3 hours to do one shoe, but I was socializing, and Courtney - a more experienced crafter - did the other shoe in about half the time.

I am really so pleased with the result. I was afraid after letting them dry that the glue would crack and some of the mirrors would fall off when I put them on my feet, but they didn't. This is probably because the shoes were already totally broken in, so it could still be a problem if you're using new shoes. I'm saving them for a wedding in May, but am going to have such a hard time not wearing them before then!


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