We told you back in December that French Actress Clemence Poesy of Harry Potter and Gossip Girl fame, was set to be the newest face of denim brand G-Star. Following in the footsteps of Hollywood's hottest brunettes, Gemma Arteton and Liv Tyler - the pretty and cutely chic Clemence had a lot to live up to.

Not typical of the tough, edgy and rock chick aesthetic we're used to seeing from the denim brand, Clemence brings a fresh, clean and alternative edge to their Spring Summer 2012 campaign. Clemence says, "I've alaways been impressed by their [G-Star] ads and I think they do something different. I spend my life in jeans and tshirts so I'm actually quite glad I got to discover theirs. I'm quite amazed by how much attention to detail and creativity goes into the design - they keep inventing new shapes, new materials and new forms".

Check out the video above when we managed to catch up with Clemence herself about her own style, her favourite on screen costume and that signature French style. You can also check out her campaign images below.