To celebrate lingerie month, we have a new celebrity columnist at Catwalk Queen! Throughout March, top model, TV personality and lingerie queen Caprice will be giving us an insight into what it's like to run a successful lingerie label. Here's her first update...

Where are you this week?

I am in LA right now.

What are you working on right now?

I'm doing comp shops and meeting with new stockists here in LA. On Sunday I'm leaving to go to Hong Kong to visit my factories and two new factories for my SS13 collection.

Lingerie discovery of the week?

It's not terribly exciting but I have found a new block/shape and it works beautifully for my A-DD cups and for my E-G cups.

ByCaprice_ 0348.jpg

Favourite outfit this week?

It has to be my sweat pants and sneakers. I'm so tired of wearing my 15 inch heels and black suit.

What inspired you this week?

A lot of things have inspired me this week, as I have done lots of comp shops and scrutinizing the American products on the market such as Victoria Secret. It's interesting as I don't find the Victoria's Secret product a good fit but their marketing campaigns are absolutely genius!

Also I have to say being in LA I am able to visit my family and of course sample some of my mum's home cooking which inspires me to take cooking lessons to feed my man who has been spoilt rotten this week.

Top undies tip of the week?

As I always say go get fitted properly as it really changes your life to have a bra that fits!

Caprice will be back next week. Visit for more from her in the meantime.