Cameron Diaz tag heuer ad 1.jpg

Sure we are well used to seeing her face plastered all over the tabloids, or on the cover of a million glossies, but an advertising campaign...? That is something we are not used to seeing Cameron Diaz's face on. Until now.

The actress has leant her gorgeous looks to an ad campaign for Tag Heuer's new "Lady Link" collection. While it's not exactly what we might have expected from Cam, she does look right at home modelling the exquisite range of luxury watches. As part of her three-year partnership with the brand, she also acts as a spokesperson. Last week she made an appearance in Basel, Switzerland to help promote the company's mission to raise funds and awareness for the United Nations Women organisation, amongst other worthy causes.

Cameron Diaz tag heuer ad 2.jpg

"The Link Lady is modern, sexy and elegant and I'm equally comfortable wearing it on the red carpet or in my day-to-day life," she said in a statement. "The first watch I bought was a Tag Heuer at 18," she added.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video of Cam shooting the campaign below...

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