Hello London Fashion Week, I kind of hate you for what you're about to do to my feet. If I manage to stay upright and not break any important bones on the cobbles at Somerset House in my ridiculous heels today, I'll be hitting the Felder Felder catwalk show (always one of my faves), followed by PPQ and then the She Died Of Beauty launch at the Ivy Club... And that, my friends, is just Day 1.

I'm even partaking in Men's Day too this season so the next week will also include Vivienne Westwood, Mark Fast, James Small AND some massive parties... At least I'll have a lot to tell you in the next installment, provided that I can remember it all. My life is turning into a scene from Momento - Post-It's EVERYWHERE.

But before I go running off on another awkward tangent, back to what
happened last week...

BEST PARTY: WilliamVintage & Gillian Anderson pre-BAFTA black tie dinner at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel sponsored by Adler.

FAVOURITE OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: The long Dolce & Gabbana yellow leopard print dress I wore to the above party (pictured with my friend Jade aka Sunday Girl)

TRACK OF THE WEEK: I'm probably accountable for at least half of the 74 million, and counting, YouTube hits Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know'
has received.

Addicted. Yet I still don't know how to pronounce the guy's name... Sorry.

TOP BEAUTY FIND: Rimmel London Volume Accelerator Mascara


...because it makes me look like I actually have eyes even when I'm really tired (most of the time).

TOP FASHION FIND: New Australian labels! I discovered Cameo and Finders Keepers recently when I was on a shoot for LOOK magazine and now I'm thinking I need to make a trip down under. Immediately.



Jackie Dixon @mrsjackiedixon:
"I want everything from XXX's collection" "XXX spotted at XXX show" "I'm
wearing XXX" "XXX looking gorgeous in XXX" "Twicpic of XXX" ENOUGH"

I feel your pain Jackie, but it's about to get worse. A LOT worse...