Last Friday, we were lucky enough to be asked along to the WilliamVintage Dinner hosted by William Banks-Blaney and Gillian Anderson in association with Adler Joailliers. WilliamVintage specialises in hand sourcing vintage haute couture. Their dresses grace many high profile red carpet events around the world and are worn by many of the world's best-dressed women - jealous? Us too.

It's been a busy week this week for WilliamVintage with awards shows a plenty and his expertly sourced dresses have never been far from the red carpet, including memorable appearances at the BAFTAs and the Elle Style Awards. Last Friday's event wasn't much different; held at the grand Hansome Hall at London's St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, we mingled with high profile guests including Grace Woodward, Zara Martin, Anna Friel, Emilia Fox and Gillian Anderson to name a few, who wore WilliamVintage's breathtaking discoveries complemented perfectly with sparkling Adler jewels.

William Banks-Blaney says, "So few vintage clothing companies have any sense of editing. I rather sell the pieces that I adore and which seamlessly combine with contemporary fashion. WilliamVintage is vintage clothing for contemporary living."
Check out some of William's fashionable finds and some familiar faces from the event in our gallery- we think it's great WilliamVintage is reviving some of history's most beautiful gowns in all their glory.