The Lela Rose Fall 2012 Collection was inspired by "the fusion of structure and movement as seen in the works of Spanish architect Sntiago Calatrava." It might sound a little odd for fashion design to be inspired by architecture, but take another look at those prints and they're a little reminiscent of a skyscraper or city skyline. The architect's "romanticism and functionality" are also seen in "long, angular silhouettes. Floor length day time dresses in cable-stayed plaid and grid lace stove pipe sleeves effortlessly balance geometry with a natural fluidity."

My favorite piece was a gray studded sweater, no surprise there, but there were a lot of wearable pieces in this collection. There would be no "where would I wear this?" questions asked in the fitting room. But that almost seemed to be the problem. That these seemed like clothes you could easily find at a department store. Overall the collection fell a bit flat for me.