The campaign images have been released and now it is time to check out the video to accompany the Spring 2012 adverts for the new Chanel Boy handbag collection. Starring Alice Dellal, the silent film was shot by Karl Lagerfeld and is titled, My New Friend Boy. Of course the boy isn't really a boy but rather a Chanel handbag. Go figure!

The short film has all the moody elements - dark lighting, a piano soundtrack and a heroine who appears as the solitary character. One moment the British model is penning a letter while wearing a white hood and the next minute she is raiding a chest of drawers dressed in white ruffles. It isn't all sophisticated lady though, in another scene Alice lets her punk side shine through thanks to her trademark half-shaved head and ripped fishnets.

What do you think of this unlikely pairing between Alice and Chanel?