You might remember a few weeks ago when we met internationally renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney. Seen as though wechecked out her new Adidas My 2012 collection recently too, we managed to ask her a few questions about it. Check out what Stella had to say about all things Adidas when we caught up with her...


How much has Adidas been inspired by your mainline collection?

They crossover, it's really nice. They don't conflict with each other. At first we're a bit paranoid about things being too like "Stella". We were very precious about what we'd let them have. But now it's all just one world - it's a different side to our brand. The reason I wanted to do it was because I didn't have access to that technology to make a garment that was completely engineered. There's no conflict in product, it's actually a great complement to the brand and a very natural area for us. There aren't many fashion sport collaborations, if there are they are one off and certainly haven't lasted that long. I think its because the decision to do it was wanting to make a product and wanting to fill a market. People tend to wear something to the gym that they feel confident in. For me, it's interesting when you start learning about sportswear that will hold you in, cool you down and you can put a t-shirt over the top. I was looking at one of our look books for Summer 2013, without being immodest its on fire at the moment, it just looks so good! I would take pieces from it and put it down my runway.

Stellaadidas2012 -1.jpg

How did the sportswear collaboration come about? And why did you choose Adidas?

One of my best friends was great friend with the then creative director for Adidas and I wanted some sneakers for my first show. I'm not that into the designer sneaker; it never looks that good. For me they always look better done by sports companies. So I wanted to do some sneakers and we did a one off collaboration. The next season they called me up and asked if I wanted to do something more long term. Originally they wanted me to do something with Adidas Originals and I told them I think Originals is great; you do it great and you don't really need me so it wouldn't be much of a challenge. I said where I'd rather do is the sports performance side. That's an area that's I find really interesting and needs a lot of help. Luckily they agreed to that. I'm really into it; I can go on one about it. I've been doing it for 6/7 years now. I always thought women swear was a bit of an afterthought when it came to sportswear - it was always then men that got all the cool stuff. Women had my little pony pinks and it never looked that impressive to me. I found myself getting embarrassed when I got caught going to the gym. I just wanted to challenge that and I also found it really interesting that women would wear anything but sportswear to the gym - it was always be the free Vogue t-shirt, something that wasn't sporty. There was something missing. So I get excited about trying to educate women about what they can work it out, I love Adidas and that they have so much information and they have access to so many cutting edge materials and technology. For me I don't think you should have to sacrifice style for sport.

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How much has your work with Adidas and the Olympics affected your mainline collection for AW12?

Good question! My collection is just really rubbish! (laughs) It's affected a lot. This is a really busy year for us and we haven't hired a million new people - we're all maxed out. It was funny at new year and I texted Stefan my press guy and everyone was like happy new year and I thought, we're only in 2012 now? I thought we had it already. So the Olympics side of things has definitely taken up a lot of time - but again it's just an incredible opportunity. I'm really quite emotional about it - it an amazing thing to be able to design.

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Has it influenced it?

We've been working on it for 2 years. The reason I do the sportswear is because I love it. It really is part of my design ethos - I always touch on it. I tend to do feminine masculine and sportswear. It's just what I do - not just because of the collaboration but I love the edge it gives a collection. It takes it down if things get too fancy on a Parisian runway you just need to cut them with a great neoprene or a bold colour - so sportswear is a great way of bringing it down if things get a bit fancy.

You can buy the collection online here.