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It was a fusion of boy-meets-girl, man-versus-woman at the Richard Chai Love Fall 2012 show yesterday at New York Fashion Week. The fashion world's love of stripes and florals continued in Chai's diffusion line for next Autumn.

Avoiding what he calls "tricky" fashion, the designer opted for something that reflected "handsome femininity". This simple formula led to bulky masculine coats, button-up shirts, slim-fit cropped trousers, bold coloured stripes and pencil skirts. For the feminine part he showcased breezy, sheer blouses in deep cherry red and a painted floral print which he clearly has a fondness for as it was everywhere!

For his striped pieces, Chai mixed gray, maroon, and blue shades in everything from dresses to turtlenecks and boxy blazers. I wasn't blown away by this collection, but he did succeed in sticking to his goal - to create believable pieces that people want to wear. Say someone like Olivia Palermo, who would look right at home in a Chai gal-about-town look with just that little touch of boyishness.

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