Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton.jpg

Damn you, Michelle Williams, with your unexpected Oscars choices! We predicted the star would go with one of her tried-and-tested designer faves like Chanel or Valentino tonight, but she surprised us all by going with a strapless Louis Vuitton gown with layered frills and a peplum instead.

Of course, we did say she wouldn't shy away from colour, and that she definitely didn't do, choosing a bold coral red, but clashing it with a pink clutch and lipstick and a silver bow brooch at the waist for a bit of quirky detail.

There's a lot going on with this dress, and it's definitely a risky choice, but we have to applaud Michelle for stepping away from the safe territory of high necks and sleeves that she's tended to favour recently.

What do you think, does it work or is to too much for such a delicate creature?