jessica Chastain mcqueen oscars.jpg

An early front-runner for best dressed as far as team Catwalk Queen is concerned, Jessica Chastain looks absolutely stunning in a beautiful embroidered gold-on-black gown from Alexander McQueen at the 2012 Oscars.

Jessica's only had a few red carpet faux-pas in her short career (remember that over-coiffed Golden Globes outfit?) but she's definitely saved the best for last with this beautiful dress for the Academy Awards.

Of course we may be biased because we just love to see a British designer at the Oscars, but when it's a choice this dramatic, we think others will agree it's one of the best dresses yet. The gown is a beautiful fit and the soft hair and makeup works brilliantly with it - a fussy up-do might have been a bit too much with something this ornate, and we're so glad she didn't ruin it with a heavy necklace.

What do you think? Does Jessica top your best-dressed list or do you have another fave so far?

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