Meryl Streep_oscars.jpg

Best Actress winner Meryl Streep's Oscars gown for 2012 is a double-whammy of brilliance. It's good for us (because she looks freakin' awesome) and it's also good for the planet (because it's made from Eco Certified Fabric). Meryl is the latest star to be recruited by Livia Firth (wife of Meryl's Mamma Mia co-star Colin Firth) for the Green Carpet Challenge.

The challenge pushes stars to wear gowns that are eco-friendly on the red carpet; Livia has worn ethical clothing for years (though she was the subject of some controversy when a collection of vintage 30s dresses were cut up to make one dress for the Oscars last year) and is now pushing her peers to do the same.

Meryl's one-off was created by Lanvin especially for the challenge, making it probably one of the most glamorous 'green' dresses ever. She pulls it off brilliantly, and there's nothing like an Oscar winner clutching her gold statuette in a gold dress! Go Meryl!

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