On the last day of womenswear at London Fashion Week, it can all start to blend into one, and I find myself falling asleep counting models instead of sheep. Everyone has that slightly lethargic air about them, having seen hundreds of shows with similarities popping up in each one. It was a completely different story at Meadham Kirchhoff, where the imagination and creativity banished all signs of tired eyes - it was the show that put a smile on everyone's face, which can be tricky at London Fashion week with everyone pouting for the cameras.

As the throngs of colourful fans and press poured themselves into the room they were greeted by a light up disco catwalk, with glitter falling everywhere and the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack setting the mood. Renowned for their individual and uncompromising designs, Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff's seventies glam inspired AW12 collection was no exception.


The models danced down the disco catwalk under kaleidoscopic lights in a plethora of colour and fabric, with the first look consisting of a striped blue shirt and boxy orange jumper worn over appliquéd denim flared jeans, accessorized with a yellow fuzzy bag and Dorothy-esque red glittered platforms. As the walk continued, the collection showed no signs of constraint, with glitter, fur, sequins, tinsel and pompoms used in every outfit. Layering was key, with a red plaid dress worn over striped yellow and orange tights, with an electric blue sequined corset and embroidered brown floral shirt underneath.


Fabrics ranged from dyed sheep's wool and striped furs to baroque silk and metallic leopard prints. Bumblebee plaid featured heavily alongside appliquéd, patchwork denim and embroidered floral button up shirts. The outfits were styled with an 'anything goes' attitude, like an excitable kid in a dressing up box, with crayon makeup and fuzzy felt hair to match. The models looked happy to be there, stomping around to Abba in primary coloured dresses with tinsel jackets, sequin covered bodices and monster fur coats.

Whilst the collection may not be to everyone's taste, amongst the madness lies dedication. Strip away the costume drama and there are wearable elements, which I'm sure we'll see in the form of colourful character knitwear this winter.

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