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It was a crazy mix of pimps and peasants at the presentation of Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 collection overnight. Eclectic and a bit zany, thank goodness we have Marc to help lift us out of the fashion week fog and take us to new heights of design wonder.

From the first look it was clear that Jacobs was in love with this exaggerated Edwardian inspiration which comprised of chunky knits and coats, tonnes of layering, and oversized pimp hats which were strongly inspired by the 1990s. According to one reporter, his giant furry hats which were designed by Stephen Jones, were actually inspired by Jamiroquai. Yes, really!

Besides the fuzzy toppers, Jacobs' models emerged onto the runway in theatrical Charles Dickens-type ensembles. These blended a variety of different colours, fabrics and textures including thick blanket dresses and coats, fur stoles and collars, heavily wrapped scarfs, cut-off trousers and buckled loafers. For his set design, Marc employed sculptor Rachel Feinstein to create the eerie Tim Burton-like surroundings.

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